Investment scope


The Innovation Fund invests in 5 segments of the chemical sector

  • " Chemistry offers solutions to current and future needs of our society. " Wouter De Geest, BASF
  • " The Innovation Fund invests mainly in Belgium, but remains open to projects in neighbouring regions "
  • " Ce projet innovant facilitera l’émergence de jeunes sociétés dans le domaine de la chimie et sur un territoire qui nous est cher, la Belgique. " Nathalie Brunelle, TOTAL

Sourcing of the projects

The major sources of the projects presented to the Fund are:

  • The Innovation Circle
  • Essenscia and the essenscia Innovation Award
  • Universities and high schools
  • Regional public initiatives
  • Spin outs of existing companies

Size and timing of investments

The fund has an evergreen structure and expects to have between 20 and 30 participations at all time. The fund will perform seed and early stage financing, preferably in syndicate as soon as possible

  • " We are convinced that this example of public-private co-investment will create the right chemistry to allow for a succesful development of future champions " Koenraad Van Loo, SFPI-FPIM