Axinesis is a spin-off from the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL, Belgium), which carries the mission to improve the functional recovery of patients through innovative and accessible technologies dedicated to the rehabilitation of the upper limbs of patients suffering from stroke or children with cerebral palsy.

Axinesis has 3 CE-marked devices in its portfolio:

REAplan is an end-effector robot, offering more than 1.000 movements per hour, for use in hospitals and intensive rehabilitation centers in the days and weeks following the brain injury.

REAtouch is an intensive functional rehabilitation device, stimulating bimanual rehabilitation. Its use is foreseen for the weeks following the intensive rehabilitation.

REAtouch Lite completes the product portfolio with a device to be used at home.

The three devices are linked with a software which allows a ludic rehabilitation for the patients and an easy follow up for the therapists.

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