Investment scope


The Innovation Fund invests in 5 segments of the chemical sector

  • " Chemistry offers solutions to current and future needs of our society. " Wouter De Geest, BASF
  • " The Innovation Fund invests mainly in Belgium, but remains open to projects in neighbouring regions "
  • " Ce projet innovant facilitera l’émergence de jeunes sociétés dans le domaine de la chimie et sur un territoire qui nous est cher, la Belgique. " Nathalie Brunelle, TOTAL

Sourcing of the projects

The major sources of the projects presented to the Fund are:

  • The Innovation Circle
  • Essenscia and the essenscia Innovation Award
  • Universities and high schools
  • Regional public initiatives
  • Spin outs of existing companies

Size and timing of investments

The aims at financing 10-15 projects during its lifetime of 12 years. The 6 first years will be dedicated to investment. The fund will perform seed and early stage financing, preferably in syndicate as soon as possible

  • " We are convinced that this example of public-private co-investment will create the right chemistry to allow for a succesful development of future champions " Koenraad Van Loo, SFPI-FPIM

Decision process

Pol-Henry Bonte (EEBIC VENTURES), Manager of the Innovation Fund, assesses the potential of each project and decides to make a proposal to the Investment Committee, which takes ultimate Investment decisions. The Investment committee gathers 3 representatives from the Innovation Circle and from investors who brought at least 1 million EUR capital.