OUAT! aims to facilitate the digital transformation of the life sciences industry. In increasingly intelligent and connected factories, OUAT! enables the men and women of the biopharmaceutical industry to achieve operational excellence using virtual reality technologies.

HakoBio, the intuitive 3D platform of OUAT! enables to create and operate the digital twin of a factory and to achieve operational excellence throughout its life cycle. This platform is dedicated to the biopharmaceutical industry and contains a database of more than 1000 specific equipments. It brings a gain in time and efficiency in the development of a production chain. It is used for planning and visual simulation of processes, for immersive learning and for interactive, simplified and centralized data management.

OUAT! is supported by the Brussels Region (hub.brussels, Innoviris, SRIB), the Innovation Fund, the European Commission and My Innovation Center.

For more information: http://hakobio.com